Getting intent from buttons

I understood how to get slot values form buttons, but is it possible that when the bot gets wrong intent or the intent is below certain threshold then instead of performing fallback I want to display all the possbile intents and get feedback from the user.

Somewhat like the online training part, but doing it graphically using buttons instead of commands.

I think the TwoStageFallbackPolicy is the closest to what you want to do : Training and Policies

I didn’t try it, but the documentation is pretty explicite I think. It has not be released yet, but you can already try it out as part of the alpha version 0.13.0a5 .

It’s not exactly what you want to achieve, but I don’t think it’s really possible. If it is, I think you’ll need to override the fallback action :

  - name: FallbackPolicy
    fallback_action_name: 'action_default_fallback'

and then try to find the previous prediction (probably with the tracker) and create the buttons from that. Not sure if it’s the best solution tho