Getting an exception on starting rasa core http server

I am getting below error

on running command

python -m rasa_core.server --auth_token nikhil -d models\dialogue -u models\nlu\default\current -o out.log -p 8000

My rasa core version is 0.9.6 . I made some changes in my train-dialogue class after upgrading rasa core version to 0.9.6 gist for train-dialogue code

Have you since retrained your Core/NLU models?

I just updated my core version & retrained my bot with newer version of rasa core after that rasa asked to make some changes to train - dialogue part of code which i updated from ref to you’re master branch and tried running server which is giving above GET error, although training dialogue does not give any error it trains well!

@akelad i have to downgrade to 0.9.0a3 version of core to make my bot functional again. There is something going missing which is not letting my bot server to work. pls help!

Any reason you’re not on version 0.10 yet btw?

But could you show me the actual request you’re sending that’s causing it to crash? Because as far as I can see it’s not the actual starting up of the server that’s failing

no reason i just didn’t knew of it at that time :smile: I’ll try update my core to 0.10 and if the problem persist i’ll let you know!

Your problem is fixed in Issue #599. The fix is available in rasa-core==0.10.3.

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