Getting 404s on /webhooks/rest/webhook on Helm Chart Installation

Hello, I have a running Rasa instance installed with Helm, following the advanced deployment course.

Rasa X is accessible for me, I can add data train and talk to the bot, rasa-x is connected to git and the whole development workflow just works great!

Now I want to connect the bot to a channel on our website using the REST channel. When I try to POST to the endpoint I get the following error:

curl -d '{"sender": "test_user", "message": "Hi there!"}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST 'https://rasa-helm-install-url:443/webhooks/callback/webhook'
<!DOCTYPE html><meta charset=UTF-8><title>404 — Not Found</title><style>html { font-family: sans-serif }</style>
<h1>⚠️ 404 — Not Found</h1><p>Requested URL /webhooks/callback/webhook not found

The following is my values.yml for the Helm installation (passwords and tokens omitted):

# debugMode enables / disables the debug mode for Rasa and Rasa X
debugMode: true

        - host: rasa-helm-install-url
              - /

    # initialUser is the user which is created upon the initial start of Rasa X
        # password for the Rasa X user
        password: "pass"
    # tag refers to the Rasa X image tag
    tag: "0.37.1"
        # rasaProduction is the container which serves the production environment
            # replicaCount of the Rasa Production container
            replicaCount: 1
    # tag refers to the Rasa image tag
    tag: "2.3.1-full"

I also tried putting the rest: empty object directly in the file (i.e. not under rasa) and got the same problem.

How can I configure my Helm installation to use the REST endpoint?

are you sure this is the correct url?

i remember the url being

curl -d ‘{“sender”: “test_user”, “message”: “Hi there!”}’ -H “Content-Type: application/json” -X POST ‘https://rasa-helm-install-url:443/webhooks/rest/webhook

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  1. Verify if Rest channel is open by exec to rasa-x pod (container) . credentials.yml file at /app location.

  2. Verify the values.yml file used has rest channel declared under additionalChannelCredentials and not directly under “rasa:”

Typical config will be like

    # token Rasa accepts as authentication token from other Rasa services
    token: "**********"
    # tag refers to the Rasa image tag
    tag: "2.4.2-full"
  # additionalChannelCredentials which should be used by Rasa to connect to various
  # input channels
        user_message_evt: user_uttered
        bot_message_evt: bot_uttered
        session_persistence: true/false
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After correcting according to 2. I get the following credentials.yml in the rasa-x container:


rest: null

But I’m still getting the same 404.

I was making the call to the correct /webhooks/rest/webhook endpoint all day. I must have copy pasted the wrong line to make this post :sweat_smile: Thanks for the catch!

Thanks, combining both of your corrections turned out to be it!