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Hello everyone,

I wanna share an MVP I built after the Certification workshop that took place on April 2020. It’s an assistant that helps to solve/report incidents on IT services at a University. The model was trained for a Spanish audience and integrates with the GLPI ITSM software in order to record and get info about incidents

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This looks great, of course I need to learn Spanish :). But overall just looking at the Rasa setup parts, your readme, how things are put together, well done.

For real, I think I may translate some of this (and try to learn a bit of Spanish) to get a better idea of it all. Nice work!!!

Are you likely to run a quick course to highlight the differences moving from Rasa 1 to Rasa 2.0?

Hi! I just finished the certification and already submitted the form. I wonder how to get the developer badge?