Get nlu intent metadata in custom action

I have an intent with metadata like this:

- intent: greet
    button_name: Say hello

I want to access this metadata (button_name) from a custom action. How do I do that?

Just so I understand the use-case better. Do you want to access to the value that the button sets or the text written in the button? You can also generate buttons from custom actions and that might be an easier way to achieve what you’re going for.

I am assuming that it should be somewhere in the tracker but I’ve never done what you’re asking.

The problem is we want to store the button names outside of the action server so that non-developers can edit the names from Rasa X. Right now we have a CSV that the editor has to pass to the developer to upload to the acitons server every time they make a copy change to the button names. So it would be great if we could store metadata (unrelated to nlu prediction) somewhere like in domain or anywhere in core.