Generating stories

Hey everyone , I am a beginner in rasa core and I build my first chatbot I am just wondering if there is anyway to automatically generate stories ?

There is no automatic way, as far as I know. But the best available is the Interactive Learning

Thank you for answering . But ,I think that the interactive learning is not a good solution when the you have such a big amount of entities and intents .it’s becoming so heavy and painful

Today, there is no automatic features but you can use the augmentation factor - print one story using interactive learning and use augmentation factory by training to generate many stories from it.

I do it the old way, I do interactive training once per question then variate it by generating a lot of similar stories sometimes simply copy-pasting it many times. you can also do that with a script as well.

Hi, if you have a small number of intents and entities and you’ve already created stories for them, how does auto story generation help? Is it not the same thing that is being stored multiple times? I’m unable to understand this.

what I meant by auto stories generation is is creating different stories not stored multiple times

hello ! do you have a script that generate similar stories from one given story while doing interactive learning ?

You can take a look at the code of augmentation factor i suppose. It does the story generation when you launch a training process which is similar to what you are trying to do. Because ultimately the purpose of the story generation is to use it to train so whether it is generating during the training process or while interactive learning, not sure if there is a difference.

If you want to generate stories from existing ones, use the augmentation factor but be aware it doesn’t always work.