From_text slot recognizing alternative intents

I’m having trouble getting freeform text input on a Form using the slot type, from_text. In the Form, I have a few slots that I’m trying to fill, such as “sleep” and “sleep description”. Sometimes, a user may have common language between the two types. So, the “sleep” slot may ask about the number of hours the user slept, and the user would reply “I slept 8 hours”, and the description slot may get a response like “i slept alright” and that description could go on for many paragraphs.

How do I set up from_text to gather any free form text? When I look at the conversation in rasa interactive, it only wants to fill the from_text slot if it can recognize an intent, like “inform”.

I tried setting the slot intent to None, but this didn’t work.

What’s the best way to get a free form text to accept any long text that is entered?