Forms, Payments, and File upload

Hi, I have three questions. I am working on a chatbot which requires me to use different forms while some of the required entities are the same for some of the forms. Now my question is this

  1. Can I make use of the same slots for different forms that have the same entity or will I have to define different slots for those entities even though they are of the same type, i.e first name, and last name.
  2. How can I implement a payment gateway to my bot.
  3. I want to collect upload of screenshots from my users, how can I do that.

Regarding your first questions: You should be able to reuse slots. However, the values will be overwritten. So, if you need the former values from the previous forms, you need to create separate slots.

Not sure about the others. Regarding the payment gateway: Maybe you could build something which is independent of the bot itself and forward the user to the bot once the payment process is complete. Regarding the last question: Just to be clear, your users should upload pictures while talking to the bot? I guess you can do that with a custom action.

Thank you, can you please put me through about the upload of pictures?