FormAction Issue- form:{"name": null}

I use a FormAction. In the I wrote form:{“name”: null}. But when I train the model, it reports Error as following:

rasa\lib\site-packages\rasa_core\", line 251, in index_for_action return self.action_names.index(action_name) ValueError: None is not in list

I also tried the example “formbot” which also uses FormAction. It reports the same error.

My rasa_core version is 0.11.12, rasa_core_sdk version is 0.11.5.

Hope somebody help me. Many Thanks!

Maybe you can update to rasa_core to version 0.12.0

Is your custom action in correct? Can you show the related code?

With the previous version you must have a required_fields method stating which slots need to be filled and a submit method within your FormAction class.

Yes, it is caused by version 0.11.12. I should not use form{“name”: null} in version 0.11.12, and use required_fields instead of required_slots. Thanks Majian and JoeTorino.