FormAction issues

When I use FormAction, I meet a problem.I set two slot in FormAction, like that:

def required_fields():
    return [
        EntityFormField("car", "car"),
        EntityFormField("house", "house")

so, I want to ask people “do u have a car?” “do u have a house?”, then we exract entities from people’s answers,like “yes,I have a car”.But people’s answers aren’t always standard.for example,they just reply “yes” or “correct”,no entities involved.then,the FormAction will be in loop. so, How can I solve this problem? thx.

this can be done with a BooleanFormField

python Traceback (most recent call last): File “”, line 8, in from rasa_core.actions.forms import ( ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘rasa_core.actions.forms’

please solve this problem action forms are not working in new version i have tried your solution

from rasa_core.actions.forms import (

not working

from rasa_core_sdk.forms import FormAction, EntityFormField

this can be done

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Thanks, I couldn’t find the function to import from rasa_core, it’s not provided in the documentation.