Form - Slots are None in utterance since they are only set after validation

In my form, one of the slots to fill asks for a confirmation that all the previous slots are correct. For example, imagine the slots are:

  • slot1
  • slot2
  • slot3
  • slotconfirmation

Slots 1, 2 and 3 have validation functions. If I give all the slots at once, the utterance which asks for slotconfirmation (utter_ask_slotconfirmation) cannot access {slot1}, {slot2} and {slot3}. Their values are None.

What can I do so that the action is only predicted after the validation? Do I need to explicity pass them in utter_ask_slotconfirmation?

Just to clarify is slotconfirmation also one of your required_slots?

Can you run your bot in debug mode and paste the log here? Would help to understand what exactly is happening. Thanks.

Hello, thank you for helping me. I found the answer here: Template shows 'None' even thou, slot is filled

And yes, slotconfirmation is one of my required slots

Great! Glad you already found the answer :slight_smile: