Fork does not work in interactive learning

In interactive learning, I used the fork option. I think this should lead to the storage of multiple stories, however only the last one is stored in my file.

Is there something I can do about this?

Hi @rbossie, this is indeed a bug. It was fixed on master in this PR, but won’t be released until core 0.14.0, which is coming soon. If you need it immediately I would cherry-pick the changes.

@erohmensing thanks! Will take a look at that

@erohmensing it seems like my file is the same as the file presented over there. Any other suggestions?

Hmm. Thats weird. Are you running the master versions then?

Not that I’m aware of…

Which versions are you running?

it seems like my file is the same as the file presented over there

Are you sure about this? It actually shouldn’t be in any case – the _write_data_to_file method either shouldn’t exist (any released pypi rasa_core version) or it should have async in front of the method definition (master versions of rasa_core and rasa)

The versions I have installed:

rasa 0.1.1

rasa-core 0.13.6

rasa-core-sdk 0.12.2

rasa-nlu 0.14.6

And you are right, it does have the async in front of the method definition.

Hmm okay, it seems like you might be looking in the wrong place since this is the 0.13.6 version of that file, no async involved. Are you running in a virtual environment? If so, the rasa_core that is being run is probably actually in the venv folder, not the rasa_core in which you found that

You were right, I looked at the wrong file.:see_no_evil: The code you referred to did the trick, thanks for the help!

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No worries! That happens to me all the time, it’s sneaky when you make changes or add print statements but don’t get output cause it’s not running the file! Glad it worked for you :slight_smile: