Foreign languages pipeline

Hey guys, hope this is the right thread to post in, I am currently trying to develop my bot using another language (Romanian) and I’m having a hard time doing so.

So far I have found the following language model that should work for me, but other than that, the whole concept is new and I cannot find a good resource to follow in order to get my bot to workin in my native language.

Unfortunately the above model is only available with pytorch, and being at the beginning of the journey, I have never used pytorch, nor do I know how to implement it with RASA or if it will mess up with my env.

If anybody has other suggestions I would love to read them, also, if anybody wanna chat, let me know, I’m also on the Rasa community discord server.

Thanks a lot. I’m really looking forward to implement my bot with Romanian!

Hi, have you tried using our language agnostic NLU pipeline (provided that the language is whitespace tokenized)?