Forcing a user to follow a specific intent path

Hi, I’m new to Rasa and am creating a chatbot interface which gives users different options via buttons. I specifically collect user input (say, for an ID) after a series of actions are done by the user and I respond to the same with an API call using custom actions. For instance, I have the following button options on the main menu: Option A, Option B, Option C. Choosing Option A yields a subsequent set of options Option AA, Option AB, Option AC and so on. My issue is a user can bypass the menu options and directly type the ID in the welcome screen and the bot picks up the intent based on the regex pattern in the training examples. Is there any way I can force the intent to follow a specific path? As in, if a user types an ID number without undergoing a specific path [like choosing an Option A from the main menu and another option Option AA from the second menu, prompting the bot to ask the user for his ID] and hence, a context, the bot should fallback to a default response stating it didn’t understand the user input.

Managed to achieve this by using slots for each menu option and using slot_was_set condition in rules as a check before activating the form.