Forcing the choice of a specific action

Hello, I want to send a first user’s input to rasa core directly without passing by the nlu. In fact, by receiving this message I want to force the choice of a specific action. Is there any way to do that ?

It is depending on the channel you are using. Which channel you are using?

Hey @Chaitanya, I am using as a channel.

Ok, In webchat code there is initPayload: “/get_started”, So take get_started as intent in domain.yml. and write corresponding action in templates. Now this action response works as default first response with out any NLU input

I fact, I’m not using the Webchat widget since I had some conflicts with my principal react app. So I used this project GitHub - Wolox/react-chat-widget: Awesome chat widget for your React App and I established the socket connection by myself. I was thinking is there a way to send from the user to the Rasa core a first message which is an access token and not applying on it the NLU and just get its value as an entity.