Filling unknown entity into an intent

Hi, I am amateur and I met a problem while developing chatbot. So … I created a list of buttons, each button has unique entities. When we click the button, an entity has been identified, and I need to parse it into the later intent. Is it possible? How can I do it? I guess that the best way is defining a single entity and store unique values inside of it. However, the previous developer stored each values inside a unique entity. I want to avoid conficting as much as possible so I am wonder if there is any ways to parse it. Thank you a lot!!

Edit: I’m using Rasa version 2.x

You shouldn’t be converting entities into intents. You would map entities into slots.

You should review the rasa documentation on forms which also goes into slot mapping.

You should also review the Rasa example helpdesk-assistant for best practices.

I have no idea about this.