Fetching client location with websocket and/or telegram integrations

Is there a way where I can automatically fetch the end user’s location while he is using either the Telegram integrated app or the SocketIO WebSocket on the website?

I don’t mind giving a prompt to allow location detection.

@GauravRoy48 Where/ add what stage in Rasa do you want to do this?

I want to fetch the user’s current location with his permission so i can give him some location related information. I’m using the HTML geolocation function on the HTML side. But I dont know how to trigger that function from rasa.

@GauravRoy48 you can send message metadata with the metadata dict alongside the message and sender that you send in the payload to the webhook. However, this will require customizing the input channel a bit. I’d recommend creating a custom input channel based off of whatever connector (socket, telegram you are using) and then following the similar steps that this user did you use message metadata: How to pass metadata in POST request and then extract it? (With your respective channel rather than rest input channel)