Feedback to Rasa bot

Can we give feedback to Rasa during the normal chat through some means and then use that feedback to train the bot next time?

If I show a thumbs up/thumbs down icon and connect them to a custom action to store positive/negative feedback of the user in a database, can I use that data afterward to retrain Rasa?

Hi @tonysinghmss. You could show a thumbs up / thumbs down icon. I think it would be more useful to use that signal to help you filter conversations, so you can spend time reviewing the conversations most likely to need your attention, rather than using it for training.

Based on what I have seen, I am skeptical if a thumbs up or thumbs down signal is that useful as a success rate. Often times, users will vote negatively/positively on how a conversation went even though the assistant handled things properly because they were disappointed or happy with the resolution to their situation.

Similarly, if you ask users to rate their experience on a scale from 1 to 5, frustrated users tend to give a conversation a 1 and people that loved it tend to give it a 5, while more neutral people tend to just not rate their experience.

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Hello @tyd. Thank you so much for your valuable insights. I will incorporate it in my project. You made me realize a serious blunder that I was trying to implement in my chatbot.


Hi @tonysinghmss , did you add that feedback mechanism in your chatbot, like rating on a scale of 5. Please let me know how to do it, thanks!

Hey Guys,

usually what I do it to check the usefulness of my final answer, lets say: the user asked a question that triggered a specific story with form, etc etc, in the end of that, I would ask if the answer was useful or not (perhaps thumbs up and down),

And when I am reviewing the conversation I would pay attention to both answers.

The positive one indicates that the user found it’s answer and I will use this info to the has business insights ( our users want this and this) and to increase my model precision.

The negative answers, means he did not get his question answered but that doesn’t necessary means that the intent was incorrect, perhaps we got the write intent but my utter didn’t not have enough information (which something we I would check with Marketing and communications department).

but to sum up, I put them in very end of each story.

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