FAQ Chat Bot Misclassifying User's Input

Hello, I am very new to the RASA Chat Bot.

I am creating an FAQ Bot.

While doing so I have created multiple intents, one of them being:

- intent: faq2/requirements_for_tpc
  examples: |
    - What is the minimum infrastructure required to become a Test Practice Centre (TPC)?
    - Infrastructure requirement for TPC
    - Infrastructure requirement for Test Practice Centre. 
    - Infrastructure required for opening TPC.
    - Infrastructure required for opening Test Practice Centre.
    - Requirements of TPC opening

But when I ask the Bot: The infrastructure required for opening a shop.

Then bot classifies it in “faq2/requirements_for_tpc” intent and gives the response set for “faq2/requirements_for_tpc” intent.

What should I do? Is it correct or I am doing something wrong?