Fallback Policy Based on Entity Threshold

Hi ! While implementing FallbackPolicy, we have the option to trigger fallback when intent confidence is below the threshold. How can we trigger fallback when the entity confidence is below a threshold ?

The brute force way would be:

Add a custom action for every intent.
Retrieve entity confidence.
Respond based on the value from previous step.

But if the intents are higher in value, it would be cumbersome.

Any suggestions will be helpful.

How are you currently handling that intent if an entity just wasn’t specified?

You can specify the values like:


  • Hi there !
  • Hello!
  • hi
  • hello
  • how are you

Here no entities are specified.

No, I meant you must have some way of handling the same intent when there is an entity present vs there is no entity present, right? So why don’t you simply take the route down which no entity is present when the confidence of the entity extracted is low?