Failed to load model metadata

After training my rasa nlu model, I wanted to test it against an utterance which was not present in my training dataset. Following was the code:

def run_nlu():

interpreter = Interpreter.load(’.\model\nlu\default\weathernlu’, config.load(‘config_spacy.json’)) print(interpreter.parse(u"I am planning my holiday to Barcelona. I wonder what is the weather out there."))

However, I am getting the following error message: Failed to load model metadata from ‘C:\Users\shakya.munghate\Desktop\Weatherbot\model lu\default\weathernlu\metadata.json’. [Errno 22] Invalid argument: ‘.\model\nlu\default\weathernlu\metadata.json’

metadata.json file is present in the destination folder, still it is not able to read it. Can anyone please help?