Facebook Workplace

How Can I integrate my chatbot on Facebook workplace? Please help.

I think you can’t You need some cloud service like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud to host the chatbot

Maybe you can integrate your bot with Facebook workplace but will need other place to deploy

@BhartiSinha you can deploy rasa chatbot integrate on Facebook pages. What you mean by workplace, can you elaborate?

Yo can build custom connector in RASA to make your cahtbot available on different platforms. For Facebook workplace the is no ready made connector. This is the manual for custom connectors:

Here are the information about the API:

Hi, I meant I wanted to integrate my RASA Chatbot on one of the group pages of facebook workplace. The Facebook Workplace is Facebook but just for company members.

@BhartiSinha you can integrate that easily, please visit this video tutorial hope this will solve your issue with ease and good luck!

Ref: Integrate Facebook Messenger with Rasa Chatbot | Part - 3 - YouTube