Export test cases into csv with rasa agent on colab

I have a csv file of test case for my bot. i want to enter all of the test case lines automatically into my rasa model and then with rasa.AGENT export the input and classified intents to a dataframe with panda on COLAB OR JUPYTER … Is it possible ?

@rajesh-mahara can you share some lines of the test case (.csv) and some examples of your use case if possible.

@nik202 here i want to pass all of the user input’s one by one in a loop automatically in my trained nlu model. can you help me out? and i want to do it in colab / notebook with AGENT. not with rasa custom actions.

@rajesh-mahara Clear me few things first:

  1. Why you are using CO lab for developing chatbot?
  2. When you say Trained NLU what you mean by that?
  3. In .csv you have only two colums A and B ? as I can see user_inpout have divided into many columns?
  4. What is your basic chatbot use case can you briefly mention?


@nik202 i am not developing my bot there i am just trying to make a pipeline that would make my bot’s intent and entity classification better, since colab is faster.

  1. by nlu i mean i am training the nlu part, the understanding part and not the core part of the model, since i am only doing intent classification.

  2. i will sort the columns and i know how to sort and arrange them while giving input

  3. i am not developing a chatbot, i am making a language understanding model which will be able to predict and classify user intents better. this will be for NLU only not for NLG or the core part.

@rajesh-mahara Ok it means for example:

You have .csv file with user question examples and intent and you want to change it into rasa NLU format is that right?

@nik202 i dont want to format it to rasa nlu rather i want to enter the user inputs to my trained model by using loop in colab.

how can i pass the input column one by one in to the trained model

@rajesh-mahara can you share the trained model, how it’s look like?

are you on linkedin sir ? please mention your linked in username i’ll text you there i really do need to figure this out

@rajesh-mahara I’m not that much active on LinkedIn, and you can ask any question here but always mention me @ nik202 as I get the notification.

@nik202 can you please help me here how do i pass a dataframe column with loop in a trained model ?