Exit a FormAction when certain intents are detected (without triggering the intent)

I have created a chatbot which contains a main menu FormAction that asks the user to choose one of the displayed options.

For example:

Choose one from the below

  1. Call Us
  2. View Location
  3. About Us

This could’ve been a story but our use case dictates that the user should be able to type in the number of the option to continue the story (which is why I’m using a FormAction).

Apart from this, I’ve written stories to tackle certain FAQ during open conversation. Now, my issue is that the user is not able to ask these FAQs when this main menu FormAction is active. I don’t want to trigger these FAQ intents since I only want them to be accessible from the main menu or at the end of a conversation and not during any of the other FormActions we have in place.

Is there a way I can do this? Maybe using ActionReverted or UserUtteranceReverted?

I’m using Rasa 1.10.1

Hi @aman_mo ; Welcome to the Forum!

If you upgrade to Rasa 2, you can define a rule for FAQs, so FAQs are accessible anywhere in the conversation without you having to write any stories. To interupt the form if the user asks an FAQ, you can use the not_intent option for the form.

Thanks @j.mosig

Is there any way to do this in 1.10 or is the only option to upgrade?

I’m not sure I remember correctly, but it might work with a form validation action that rejects form execution, and you can handle the FAQs via the mapping policy. Having said this, I strongly recommend you upgrade to the latest version (e.g. Rules are not available in 1.x and they make life much easier).

Thanks again, @j.mosig