Estimated release date of rasa-core 0.12


Is there an estimated release date for rasa-core 0.12? A more general question: is there any webpage which has the estimated release dates of the major versions of rasa-core and rasa-nlu?

we don’t generally give estimates to the next major release – what features is it you need that would be part of the next release?

Thanks for the reply. I am not looking for any specific feature. Our company is using a chatbot based on rasa_core (version 0.10.4) and we want to update it to the latest version (as of now, it is 0.11.11). I was thinking of doing the upgrade after the release of version 0.12 but if there is no timeline for the same, I will just upgrade rasa_core to version 0.11.11.

Yes I would suggest upgrading to version 0.11.11

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