Error while using custom actions in django

Hello all, Hope you all are doing great at this time. I’m new to rasa and want to build a Django chatbot website. but, facing some issues in custom actions. I’ve checked my code twice but it seems ok. don’t know what’s the problem.

errors screenshot:

I’ve attached project files. please help me to figure it out. nlu.yml (3.0 KB) rules.yml (244 Bytes) stories.yml (751 Bytes) (3.7 KB) endpoints.yml (1.4 KB) domain.yml (836 Bytes)

Hey @harshdeep007, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

As for the error you’re getting, the log says “Please check the logs of your action server for more information”. Let’s do just that. If you have your action server running in a separate window, could you look at the output over there? There should be a more detailed error message that tells you what went wrong. Perhaps that will help you fix the issue, or if not, then share the error message here :slight_smile: