Error when trying to use multiple domain files during data validation

I am trying to run “rasa data validate” with multiple domain files and must be getting the command wrong. The documentation says to “provide the path to the domain directory” but does not provide an example, so I’m not sure if I’m doing it correctly. I created a “domains” directory within the main dir, and I’ve tried “-d domains”, “-d .\domains”, “-d c:\full\path\to\domains” and I keep getting

File "c:\users\...\rasa\core\training\", line 351, in _apply_tokenizer_to_states
Message({TEXT: state[USER][TEXT]}), TEXT
KeyError: 'text'

could someone please tell me how I do this correctly?

hi @zjntmo ! Looking at the file that throws the exception ( it doesn’t seem to me like the problem is with the multiple domains, it seems like there’s an issue with your stories.

I just tried to reproduce your problem by creating a new project with rasa init, then splitting the domain into two files and putting them in a folder, and running with rasa data validate -d domains, and it didn’t throw an error. I used Rasa 2.3.1 and python 3.7.6