Error Unknown event name 'active_loop' from Rasa Open Source

I’m facing a problem with rasa when it tries to save on a redis tracker store. I understood that action loop was introduced in rasa-sdk 2.0, for rasa 2.0, but I’ve confirmed that my applications are on versions rasa=1.10.14, rasa-sdk=1.10.2 and rasa-x=0.32.2 (however, I’m not using rasa x on homolog/production), so there should not be any mention to active_loop :cry:

The traceback is

Error happened when trying to save conversation tracker to 'RedisTrackerStore'. Falling back to use the 'InMemoryTrackerStore'. Please investigate the following error: Unknown event name 'active_loop'..
2020-12-15 12:22:15 DEBUG    rasa.core.tracker_store  - Recreating tracker for id 'XXXX'

This problem only happens for keys that existed once in the redis, even if I manually deleted them on redis. I’ve used rasa on version 2.0 some weeks ago, and we’ve changed to 1.x because I did not catch everthing on upgrade guide to adjust everything. For new keys, conversation is saved successfully.

Any tips here?

I’ve solved this. Problem is that previous keys may have action_loop inside them, because I was running rasa 2.0. When downgrading to 1.10, Rasa had problems loading the event action_loop. After running a flushdb on the redis, things worked successfully.