Error installing rasa-pro because of rasa-pro 0.0.1.post1 on PyPI

Hello! I’m kinda new to Python so I might be wrong, but even after adding

name = "rasa-pro"
url = ""
priority = "supplemental"

to my pyproject.toml (I’m following the docs at Installation for local development), when I try to install rasa-pro using poetry add rasa-pro it is trying to install rasa-pro (0.0.1.post1), probably because this is the version that is up at rasa-pro · PyPI

Is there any workaround for that? It doesn’t seem like this rasa-pro (0.0.1.post1) should be there.

I have the same issue. But I’m trying to install rasa-pro with pip. At start it shows “Looking in indexes: Simple index,” At finish it shows " RuntimeError: You are installing rasa-pro from, which will not work. Please make sure you are installing from the Rasa python package registry. More information can be found at Installation for local development" There are two hypotheses:

  1. is not available
  2. License key is not installed correctly.