Endpoints.yml NLU endpoint not working

In my endpoints.yml

  url: ${NLU_URL}
    - model_name: ${NLU_MODEL}
    - project_name: ${AGENT}
  url: ${NLG_URL}

I have environment values

However neither my NLG nor NLU server are getting called from rasa core.

Is it the right way?

can you post this as an issue on the Core repo please souvik? Things that are potential bugs should always be an issue :slight_smile:

I want to confirm first if the format is correct or not because I didn’t find examples of NLu as an endpoint anywhere yet. If the format is correct then i’ll Post an issue

Yeah I think it should be correct. It might not be reading your env vars though? try posting the actual urls in there, and otherwise post an issue please

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Okay :smile:

Was this resolved? Could you link the issue?

It is not resolved yet

There is an enhancement request

Thanks, did you get your workaround to work? I get:

  "error": "Unable to initialize persistor"

It doesn’t seem to be able to find the right model

The workaround was to put the endpooint file path in the env vars :smiley: