Email chatbot

Can anyone provid very simple Rasa chatbot code to send user inputted data through email

“Very simple” is relative…you’ll have to setup an Email-Server and an adapter that parses the Email contents into a JSON that is then relayed to the Rasa via the HTTP or WebSocket API.

Maybe somebody has already done something like this, but I don’t think Rasa has an out-of-the-box solution for that.


The rasa-demo bot contains an example how you can set it up with MailChimp. The implementation demonstrates how a user can sign up for the Rasa newsletter, and an email will be sent.

@sugarshock can you please share the code its urgent. thank you

I’ve never done it, I don’t have any code and a mail server is usually not something you set up by just copy-pasting some code. You’ll have to to set up a whole other service that receives incoming mails and relays them to the rasa service.

To make things quick and dirty, you could just create a special gmail adress that your customers will text to and then use the Gmail API to access them. You will still have to write a lot of code yourself - I can’t do that for you.

@Arjaan I think @vishal4000 wants to use email as a primary communication channel, not just make Rasa send an email. Idk if you can do that with MailChimp