Dynamic training of bot

Hi Guys! I have this issue that I can’t find a solution. So I have a bot for our app which is a Sales force automation app. We are thinking about integrating a bot in our app and website where the bot can answer questions related to their business.

  1. So customization is available in our app so a client can change a label for a field according to him. like if he has a field named as leads, they can change it to xyz or anything they like. So how can I train bot dynamically when a client change the label. Like if you change falafel label in a menu to rolls, How would the bot know to order a falafel when you order a roll. Is someone getting this? :smile:

  2. I can’t work with synonyms also e.g. lets say two client are using bot

    Client A - “lead” is a potential customer and “customers” are existing customer

    Client B- “customers” is a potential one and “clients” as a existing one.

    So if user asks! Q. what is the customer count today?

    How will my bot know what to answer? potential for B or Existing for A. Do I need to make multiple bots for this purpose?

  3. Is there a way that I will pass the dynamic labels from the client, train it in the bot and then answer accordingly??

Love to hear community thoughts on this! :slight_smile: