Does rasa provide API or data interface to read from database (MySQL,etc.)? Or any other methods that data reading/parsing does not depend on local "data" directory?

Hi Rasa-ers,

I am planning to develop a web-based training data manipulating platform, I want all training requried data, including domain, NLU data, stories all saved in database. But question is, as far as I know ,rasa only provide training via rasa train command line method, and data should be give as --data data_path, so is there any way that I can read or recieve data from an API that does not need to save to local files first then call rasa train?

P.S., I know that RASA X although provide a web-based platform to manipulate training data, it seems that it still modify and save data in local files.

P.S. I also know that by implementing a child class of TrainingDataImporter, we can use SQL to do manipulations in database, but that seems like a lot of effort required, am I in the right direction, or there is a better way to do this?

kind of urge and thanks a lot!