Does Rasa multilingue?

hey, i’m searching for a good open source solution to deploy a chatbot for a website. And i’ve found that rasa is the best platform wich i kan start with, but i need to build a multilingue chatbot so i think that rasa can’t do that? Can you tell please if rasa is multilingue and if it isn’t how can i make it?

Hey @Sou90

if rasa is multilingue

It is! Check this doc, I hope it helps!

thanks, and i have another question i want to know if integrating rasa x on website or facebook is free or not?

Hey @Sou90

Yes, integration with Facebook (or any other channel) is free. The installation steps are here.

thanks a lot

Hi @degiz
The link seems to not work for me

@manel-hik Here’s the latest archived version from 3 August 2020: Language Support