Documentation on rules and stories contradicting each other?

I have two questions about rules and stories.

  1. I’m having trouble understanding the definition of “contradiction” for rules and stories contradicting one another. I don’t see the term “contradiction” defined in the documentation. Where can I find this?

  2. I’d like to have stories that contain a certain intent, order_received, when a customer adds food items to their order. Whenever that happens I would like an action to run that updates their order entry in an external database.

The problem I’m running into is that I want this action to run whenever the bot detects an order_received intent, regardless of what else it does.

I can fix the problem by adding the action right after order_received intent in all stories where that intent occurs.

My questions is, if I want to have an action always triggered by a a given intent, is the best way to do this how I have implied above, by (1) writing a rule and (2) including the action following the rule for every story (to avoid contradiction)? Or is there a better alternate solution that doesn’t require remembering to do this when writing more stories?