Dockerizing my rasa chatbot application that has botfront

Hi nik, i am using binding bot html file with flask api, i tried above code, both rasa & action server are running, but not the flask api, please help me, how i can include flask app in dockerfile and docker-compose

First of all, the way you’re aiming for is impractical (but it can also be done). However, you can run your rasa + GUI using docker, and you can easily produce the link about the mobile app and share while using ngrok. There is only one drawback: the link won’t function till your system is open.

@gayathrik I not get your use-case what you are looking at? Always Tag me for faster response.



@nik202 please find the html file, & flask app, for front ui, how to add this flask app to above Dockerfile templates???

@gayathrik ok.

Step 1 If you are able to create the Rasa and Rasa Actions Docker file its cool.

Step 2 You need to create the docker image for your flask application as shown in the mentioned link:

Once you created this, you will have 3 containers 2 for Rasa and 1 for Flask.

Hope this will help you or if you need further issues, If I have any bandwidth we can discuss over a google meet call.