Do not have SSL keyfile

I wanted to enable hosting on https, I obtained official certification approved by my organization, with HydrantID.

It comes with:

  • Server Certificate
  • Intermediate CA Certificate for HydrantID
  • Root CA certificate for QuoVadis Root CA 2
  • PEM with chain
  • DER (binary encoded)
  • P7C
  • P7B

can anyone let me know which file should be under --ssl-certification and which one should be --ssl-keyfile?

Thank you.

Just quick sharing, i tried self-signed cert and it works.

@jefftung1991 try using PEM chain. If not a common CA, put the Root CA and Intermediate CA in /etc/ssl/certs (it depends on your system, in Windows load in cert manager) and run as root “update-ca-certificates”.