Dispatcher.utter_message(template=...) not passing 'text' attribute to Slack postMessage in Rasa 2.4.0

Seems like after the upgrade to Rasa 2.4.0 dispatcher.utter_message(template=…) does not work properly, Slack SDK emits the warning below, and no message is posted back to Slack: “UserWarning: The text argument is missing in the request payload for a chat.postMessage call - It’s a best practice to always provide a text argument when posting a message. The text argument is used in places where content cannot be rendered such as: system push notifications, assistive technology such as screen readers, etc.”

All good if downgrading back to Rasa 2.3.4


GitHub issue #6484

The use of template is deprecated and replaced by response. Not sure if it will fix it. I have not upgraded to 2.4.0 because that was unclear. Keep me updated if response works!


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The template param should only be deprecated at Rasa 3.0. I’ll aim to get a fix this week. :pray:t3:

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The issue is fixed in Rasa 2.4.1. Thanks for the report!

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