Dispatcher utter message: how to send a hidden part of text / how to attach hidden entities into a bot message to keep track when bot is in a group chat

I’m writing my bot for a group chat. Since there are multiple people and I need to follow a single flow for each one, I need to attach some information (entities) into the bot message and buttons. As I already understand how to attach entities into buttons, I wonder if I can do the same for the bot’s pure text message? I need this so the member can reply to the bot message and in the background I can understand which message is for which member.

If there isn’t such thing, I think I would paste those entities directly into the message and use some regex rules to detect them. But when I do that, I need to hide some part of the message, so that although the content is still whole, but at the user end they will only see the part that is allowed to show.

You would need to create a custom channel. You’ll find all of the channel code here and a discussion of creating one here.