Difference between the confidence level of intents and entities



  • what is health insurance stories.md: *health_insurance
    • utter_health_insurance

In the above defined intent if I ask bot the question saying “what is health insurance” it will identify the health_insurance intent perfectly. But, when I ask the bot a question saying “what is life insurance” then also it is identifying the health_insurance intent. So, this is invalid because the question is not valid regarding to intent. In my model I have used only intents and not entities, when I ask the question saying what is health insurance the confidence level is 97% and when I ask the question saying what is life insurance the confidence level is 80-90% So, this is wrong in my case because it should utter default response i.e., I did not understand your question. So, how should I approach my model like with only intents or intents and entities because I’m confused with the confidence levels of intents and entities.So, I want to know if response is given based on only intent’s confidence or the confidence level of both intents and entities. please help with this issue. Thanks in advance.