Dialogflow @sys.any in Rasa?

(Sara Furão) #1

Dialogflow has sys.any entity which stores anything user says. How can i handle this use case in Rasa nlu?

(Varun) #2

I believe this article will help you a lot if you want to move from Google Dialogflow to Rasa:

(Sara Furão) #3

Thanks @varton, but i already read this article and they don’t talk about the system entities. Am i missing something?

(Varun) #4

For the system entities, you can use the duckling container. It supports different type of entities such as date-time, currency …etc.

I hope my answer is useful :slight_smile:

(Sara Furão) #5

Yes, but Dialogflow have a system entity @sys.any that can be any word [^\s]+ . How can RASA NLU can support entity ‘any’?