Depreciated Training format

Hello!! As I am trying to create a simple bot to get familiar with the features. While training I am getting the Warning: ‘’’ You are using the deprecated training data format to declare synonyms. Please use the following format: [< entity-text >]{“entity”: “”, “value”: “”}.’’’

Can someone please clarify this error to me.

Hi @Rahuja23,

with Rasa 1.10.0 the new training format has been introduced to support a more detailed way if defining entities alongside roles and groups. With the documentation, there comes a command:

sed -i -E 's/\[([^)]+)\]\(([^)]+):([^)]+)\)/[\1]{"entity": "\2", "value": "\3"}/g'

that converts your current data to the new version - which actually helps you to understand the changes.

If you need help with that, feel free to ask!

Kind regards