Deploying My Rasa X assistant to a SharePoint Page

(Uthum Fernando) #1

Hello. I am total beginner and a lay person when it comes to Rasa and web-dev. I have a functioning assistant and I am now interested in integrating it with a SharePoint page on my company’s intranet.

After reading the Rasa docs I decided to setup a Websocket Channel.

I added the following to my credentials.yml page:


user_message_evt: user_uttered

bot_message_evt: bot_uttered

session_persistence: true/false

I picked up the chatroom component from here to embed onto my SharePoint page:

Following the github instructions I pasted the chatroom.js script into my SharePoint page’s custom script.

However I am lost when it comes to the next set of instructions on the github page:

<< 2. In your Rasa bot setup, make sure to include the Rasa REST channel in your credentials.yml file:

  # pass

Depending on your setup you might need to start the Rasa CLI / Rasa server with the right CORS headers, e.g. --cors "*" .>>

Could someone kindly breakdown for me what it is I need to do here?..and if there are any additional steps I need to take?

I’ve attached my credentials.yml and sharepoint script here as well. credentials.yml (753 Bytes) webchat.html (707 Bytes)

(Tobias Wochinger) #2

Looks good to me :+1: If you are accessing the chat from another machine you might indeed need to add the cors settings. So that would mean to do rasa run --cors "*". Are you getting any errors or were you just asking in general?

(Uthum Fernando) #3

Thanks for the reply Tobias. Ah I get it now, you run that as a terminal command. I was just asking in general what to do for step number 2 there. Ok I did that and it looks like I’m getting a mixed result.

If I run that script by itself in the browser…it seems to work:

but when I run it on my sharepoint page…Im getting errors…here’s a look from the console:

“OPTIONS http://localhost:5005/webhooks/rest/webhook net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED”

“Chatroom.js:1307 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Failed to fetch”

Any clue what is causing this?..this might not even be a Rasa thing…

(Uthum Fernando) #4

Talked to a colleague of mine, he thinks this is a CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) issue because my Rasa is running on a VM machine and our SharePoint sites are hosted on a different domain. He is certain this would go away if we ran Rasa on the same domain as our SharePoint sites and I think that is the end-goal for us especially when we are getting ready to take this to production…but for now I need it to work under this setup so I can demo this to our business users. Has anyone encountered something like this before?

(Tobias Wochinger) #5

@seansta Can you run rasa with --debug (e.g. rasa run --debug) to see if there are any errors / warnings from the REST input channel? And --cors did not work for you?

(Uthum Fernando) #6

Hi Tobias, thanks for the reply.

Here is an update on the situation.

I copied my Rasa project to the machine that is hosting our SharePoint quality farm. Ran rasa and fired up the SharePoint page with the chat widget. Everything works when I run “rasa run --cors”.

Now the question is how do I make this accessible for other users in our network? The chat does not work when I try to access the page from any other machine.

(Tobias Wochinger) #7

The chat does not work when I try to access the page from any other machine.

I guess the client is javascript and you are targeting localhost, aren’t you? The chatbot has to be accessible via a public IP if you want to access it from an other machine. If you just want to test it out quickly, you can use for that.

(Uthum Fernando) #8

Ah got it, makes total sense Tobias. Now the latest roadblock is that I can’t seem to access ngrok, company firewall blocks it. Do you know of any other methods of making my bot running on localhost public?

(Tobias Wochinger) #9

Do you know of any other methods of making my bot running on localhost public?

Mhm, I guess the firewall will block them all (And a good company firewall should :smiley:) Can you maybe speak to somebody in your company who is responsible for deploying things according to your company policies?

(Uthum Fernando) #10

Hi Tobias,

Had a meeting of the minds with our IT middleware team and we tried a few things and we still could not get it to work.

By default Rasa runs on localhost 5005.

How can we switch it to a different server? We were thinking of pointing it to directly to our SharePoint quality server:, using port 440…which is the port SharePoint uses.

I tried running a terminal command with these arguments, but was getting errors:

rasa run --cors “*” --port

Any clues?

(Tobias Wochinger) #11

What do you mean by that? You mean the output channel should point to this server, right?

(Uthum Fernando) #12

Tobias I mean, Rasa by default runs on localhost 5005…how can I change this to something else? I want to change it to a port on one of our company’s servers.

(Tobias Wochinger) #13

You can only change the host, if you run it on another host. So in you case you have to run it on a server of your company