Deploy Rasa on Cloud for Free!

Hi, I have added a tutorial on how to deploy Rasa bot on Cloud for Free. Below you can find links and If you have any questions feel free to add them here.

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Hi @Horizon733

Do we have any alternate method of installing rasa x other than docker-compose because the rasa team deprecated that method

Thanks in Advance

Hi @surendra10125 actually Rasa team has deprecated Rasa x so it is not recommended to use. Even if you want to then you need to do it via Helm charts and kubernetes.

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Hey @Horizon733 Thanks for the response can you please guide us on which is the advisable method to install Rasa

Our management decided to use Rasa X so it will be helpful for us if you can provide the best way of installation

Hi but I am not right person to answer this question since I don’t have to great devops background. Try asking your devops team with the links to Helm charts and deployment videos of Rasa and mine

@Horizon733 How many minutes will it take for 30 intents(each consisting of 17 examples)? For me, it is taking 5-6 minutes on a decent size server.

How long should take …I also trained through colab using GPU it takes 2 mins .But I want to train within 1 minutes to 50 seconds.