Deploy model using MITIE on rasa-x which got error

I have trained a model and works fine with “rasa shell”. Then I have deployed rasa-x on kubernetes, and try to upload the model. Here is the problem, my pipline has used MITIE:

  - name: "MitieNLP"
    model: "total_word_feature_extractor_zh.dat"

but rasa-x seems cannot find the “total_word_feature_extractor_zh.dat”, and got error:

Error loading MITIE model file: total_word_feature_extractor_zh.dat
Unable to open total_word_feature_extractor_zh.dat for reading.

How to fix this?

rasa rasa-x

Is the MITIE model file on your kubernetes instance? If yes do you know where exactly? You might need to update the path in the pipeline to the correct location.