Deploy bot on Whatsapp with Twilio

I am trying to deploy my rasabot on whatsapp using twilio api. But I don’t know exactly how it is done. I have made changes to the credentials file. I have also tried with ngrok. But I don’t know how to configure twilio sandbox. Can somebody help? What do the links when the message comes in and status callback url should contain?

Hi @vishal_a what do your credentials look like at the moment?

  account_sid: "AC9xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
  auth_token: "9b56xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
  twilio_number: "+13172458986"

  url: "http://localhost:5002/api"

Hey @vishal_a you’ll need to enable whatsapp for your twilio number, as well as change the twilio number to have the following format:


More information here: Twilio API for WhatsApp - Twilio

I have enabled the whatsapp option for my twilio number. But, I didn’t get what you mean by change the to the format. Shouldn’t it be the same number on my twilio dashboard?? Because I have used that one. How my format is any different than the one you suggested?

the entry for twilio_number should be twilio_number: "whatsapp:+13172458986"

Okay! Thanks :slight_smile:

@akelad what is the link that I’m supposed to provide in twilio console? Right now I’m using ngrok for creating the link. Am I supposed to add anything after the ngrok’s link? (something like /webhooks/rest/webhook) . It gives me this error in the terminal : raise InvalidUsage(“Failed when parsing body as json”) sanic.exceptions.InvalidUsage: Failed when parsing body as json

it would be /webhooks/twilio/webhook