Dealing with many entities

Hi, i am devoloping an insurance chatbot and i need to deal with +300 entities, it would be difficult to give many intents manually, do you have an idea how to solve that ?

Could you say more about the use-case? Do you have 300 entities or a few entities with hundreds of possible values?

We’ve got this relatively new feature that might allow you to declare entities in a new way too. The idea being that you can assign both roles as well as groups to an entity.

The documentation for this can be found here.

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Thanks Mr koaning for ur reply, actually, i have more than 300 intents, where in every intent a have to define a new entity, so the problem here is a scalability problem. I have to define manually the intents with their entities in the nlu file. Is there another way to do that? i will see if your response could help. thanks.

Just so I understand. You have 300 intents, or 300 entities? Could you share a little bit more about the use-case?

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in file i should have 300 intent like this:

## intent:insurance_car_request

  • j’ai besoin d’[assurer](couverture) ou [couvrir](couverture) ma [voiture](car) ou mon [automobile](car)

in this intent a have entity called car.

for other intent such as :

## intent:insurance_house_request

i should have a new entity (house) and so on. So is there a simple way to do that, since a have customized action for every intent.

Maintaining a high quality database on which to train your chatbot is bound to have manual parts in it.

I wonder though.

Instead of having two intents; request_insurance_car and request_insurance_house might it be an alternative to have one intent request_insurance and then have an entity inside of it called insurance_type (with values car, house, boat, etc). This way the custom action could be activated when the intent request_insurance has been classifier and it can then pick up what it is that the user wants to insure. The convenience of this is that you can also explore slots and synonym mappings this way and that you may potentially need less custom actions.

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Ok many thanks, but for car I have many synonyms, house also,…, is it possible to define somewhere all these synonyms for every entity.

And is there a way to detect automatically synonyms without defining them by using spacy or whatever ? By the way I’m working with french language.