Best Practices in NLU for Intents With Multiple Entities

On the nlu side of things, I have a scenario where the same intent may contain additional entities to override the default values. Here’s a quick example…

## intent:rent_car
   - Rent a car.
   - Rent a [Toyota Prius](car_name).
   - Rent a [Toyota Prius](car_name) with a [baby-seat](aux_item).

For the above, is it best to put all three lines in the file or is it OK to simply use last. From some quick experiments simply putting in the line with both entities seems to work fine, even if the user only says “rent a car.” In that case you don’t get any entities but I’m wondering if this will cause issues down the line.

A second question: is the above considered acceptable or would you generally have 3 different intents such as rent_any_car, rent_car_by_name, rent_car_by_name_with_aux?

It is okay to have one intent:rent_car with all 3 lines (By just using last line i will not train to identify the previous 2 lines). Then you can identify the intent of the user even if he does not specifically say the car_name or aux_item. Then in your stories you can define the bot response based on your identified intent and extracted entities. as example

* rent_car
      - utter_what_is_car_name

* rent_car{"car_name": "Toyota Prius"}
      - utter_what_is_aux_item

Therefore no need of having 3 intents.