Database (MySQL) conncectivity for custom actions

Sorry man this seems too complex. Can you tell me how can I add this to my code? Do I need to make another function for this?

Hey Jitesh Client as well as data value are getting printed.

But output is not getting reflected on UI side. Could you please tell me how to organise output in simple text format and send response back to front end.

Actually the data is in tuple format within a Array, you need to convert it to list. Check this, it may help you:

Hey Jitesh I did mentioned changes but still not getting json data on UI Could u pls tell me what changes I should.I am using ChatBot Widget developed by u.

how do you want to show the response in the UI, I mean text, buttons or something else?

In text form

based on your output, I have written the sample code, test it out:


for i in range(len(data)):
    msg=msg+str(data[i])+" <br> "



this works thanks for your help

Hi, @JiteshGaikwad if possible Can u please tell me how to get the same response in button form?

Hi @JiteshGaikwad , I am similar code to fetch data from db. The reference you have given is not accessible. Could you please share updated link for help?

Thanks in advance!!