Customing user information in rasa

I have application which identifies user based on sender_id and accesstoken, Access token is for short duration. While application needs to be integrated with bot, for custom actions we need both sender id and accesstoken as for communicating with internal information and providing best recommendation. What is best way ahead to pass the sender_id and access token, can i extend sender_id object.

I faced same issue with my solution. So I integrated my bot with our web application and I needed to send login_id and 2-3 more details about the user who is logged in. Sender id can be passed in the HTTP request and REST api as…

{“recipient_id”:47, “message”:“Hi”}

But if I tried to pass more parameters with this there , tracker is not saving it in the data. As for sender_id, you can use this…

user_id = tracker.sender_id

this gives user_id as 47 but not other parameters like in my case , company_id, team_lead_id, I guess I can create an API where I can pass this user_id and get back details from my internal db but I felt it’s easier if we can pass multiple parameters in our REST call.

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Did you find any solution for this so far? I also would like to let the front end send user id and access token so I can use this information in a REST call in a custom action. Is there any way to access additionally sent information in the Rasa REST call in the tracker object meanwhile?

I am facing the same issue. Please let me know how to send multiple parameters in our REST call.